Friday, June 10, 2011

So... Apparantly, NO ONE writes letters anymore?!

Since my boyfriend deployed to Okinawa, Japan last week, I've been wanting to buy stationary, so I could write him letters. I haven't written anyone a letter in about... 10 YEARS!! Little did I know, that NO ONE writes letters anymore!! haha I went to the mall expecting to find stationary easily at Target, but no... everywhere I went, they only had blank cards & envelopes. Not exactly what I was looking for... Any stationary that I did find only had 6 sheets of paper. I finally found some at Barnes & Noble. The selection was small of course, but I was able to pick up a stationary set for $13.45, which included 100 Sheets, 50 Envelopes, & 24 Sticker Seals... Not too bad.

Letters the the boyfriend will commence until he comes back to me in 6 months... =[

Check out the video I made about our Long Distance Relationship!

Denise Joyce