Monday, July 18, 2011

MOVIE Monday:

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2 came out this past weekend. I am a Harry Potter fan through & through. I've read all the books & watched all the movies, so of course, I was there opening night to watch a midnight showing of the final film.

Like all the other Harry Potter Films, I was blown away by the way the book was brought to life. Everything was what I was hoping for reminiscing on the ideas running through my head when I was reading the final book. I'm almost a little sad & devasted to realize that it's all over now.

Like all the other movies, since I have read every single book, there are definitely some parts of the actual books that I wished I could have seen in the film, but I do also realize that no one should have to sit through a 5 hour movie to see every little detail of the books. But this is also why I would absolutely reccomend anyone who hasn't read the books to READ them. They are absolutely amazing & I've always found that the movies I create in my head while I'm reading are better than any director could have come up with to put on film.

I love Harry Potter, & the reality that it's over saddens me. But I'm happy knowning that I will share these books with my own children, only allowing them watch the movies after they've read each book of course. Amazing work J.K. Rowling! These stories were brilliant! Thank you!

Denise Joyce