Sunday, July 31, 2011



It is very important to keep your makeup brushes & sponges CLEAN!! You definitely DO NOT want to have bacteria slowly growing inside them & end up applying THAT to your face. GROSS!

Here's my current makeup brush cleansing routine...


I always do daily cleanses using my ELF Daily Brush Cleanser & a napkin. Whether you need to do a quick color change in between different colors, using the same brush, or you've finished using the brushes for the day's application process. I spray 1-2 pumps on each brush then wipe the hairs of my brush off onto a napkin to remove the excess pigments as well as rid the hairs of any remaing oils from my face. The ELF Daily Brush Cleanser dries almost instantly, allowing my brushes to be CLEAN & ready for their next use. 



I deeply cleanse my makeup brushes at least once a week using my BareMinerals Well Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo. I do this to ensure that I throughly remove any excess buildup of makeup that is deeper within the brush that a quick spray cannot remove.

For my larger face brushes, I use a dime sized amount of the brush cleanser in the palm of my hand. Keeping the brush upside down to ensure that water doesn't seep up into the ferrel, I lather the brush in the palm of my hand then slowly rinse it under the faucet. It's VERY important to not get water into the ferrel as it will eventually affect the glue holding your brushes together & ruin them over time.

For my eye brushes, I group 2-3 brushes together by length. Then, I use a dime-sized amount of the brush cleanser in the palm of my hand to clean all the brushes at once. Keeping the brushes upside down as well, again to ensure that water doesn't seep up into the ferrel. I lather the brushes in the palm of my hand then slowly rinse it under the faucet. 

To dry my brushes, I do not lay them FLAT, like others may have suggested to do. I personally like to dry my brushes at a downward angle. Again, it's only to ensure that no water will get into the fennel of my brushes. If you look closely at the picture above, you will see that I carefully rolled one end of the washcloth that my brushes are on. This allows me to place all the ends of my brushes at a slightly higher level than the brush hairs, allowing them to dry with any moisture being pulled down & away from inside the fennel.


I clean my Basically U Super Blender & Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge after EVERY use. This is denifinitely why I choose to keep two sponges handy. I'm aware that some people wash their makeup sponges every few uses, but knowing that they are SPONGES, I cannot let a day go by without ensuring that makeup doesn't get completely sucked up into them. I feel that this will not only extend the life of my sponges, but it will keep my mind at ease knowing that I'm only applying CLEAN sponges onto my face.

For both sponges, I work a dime sized amount of brush cleanser on the sponge into a lather, squeezing it over & over, & working my fingers over its surface to ensure I get as much makeup deep within the sponge out. I ALWAYS ensure there is very little to no remaining, visible makeup on the sponge.

So... This is my current brush & sponge care routine. I hope you guys found it helpful!

Denise Joyce