Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I LOVE my mom!

Hey Loves!

I know I haven't blogged in quite some time. I hope you all can forgive me! I've been really good at keeping up with my YouTube Channel lately. Unfortunately, this past Monday my mom hurt her back while trying to do laundry.  =( I've been trying to be super helpful to her. Doing chores around the house & making sure to run any errands that she needs to have done. 

I really care for my mom, & I don't want her back to get any worse. I don't think I've talked about this thus far on either my YouTube Channel or my blog, but about 6 years ago, my mom had a massive stroke. It caused her to become paralyzed on the entire left side of her body. 

Mom is the strongest & most determined person I know. I love her so much. In these past 6 years, my mom has been able to re-learn how to walk, cook, clean, & DRIVE. Her license was revoked, but she recently passed her driver's exam. It's so hard to see her struggling with anything. I love her, & just as anyone who loved their mother would say, I would do anything to ensure her safety & happiness.

I'm sorry for the lack of video this week. I've been super busy, & today, Wednesday, my usual day off that I use to film was extremely busy. I wasn't able to film any new videos today, but I will try to film at least one video tomorrow morning. Once my mom is doing better, I'm sure my videos will go back to be posted regularly, but I hope you all understand my absence in the meantime.

My mom & I at GIANTS FanFest

Denise Joyce