Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TAG! $20 Makeup Challenge

Hey Loves!

I know that I am a little behind on blogs, but I have a decent reason... (Or at least I think so! LOL) I wasn't able to post a Mani Monday, because sadly, I having nothing on my nails at the moment. >_< Every few weeks or so, I decide that my nails are way too long, and I remove all my polish & cut them super short. Being a contact wearer, I can't have my nails too long, out of fear of scratching my eyeballs. I do promise to have my nails painted along with a detailed blog post on my current polish next Monday! 

With that said, I decided to highlight the latest video on my channel today, instead of discussing my current TV obsession. (I will be highlighting MTV's Awkward next Tuesday by the way!) As you can tell by the title & the picture above, I decided to try my hand at the $20 Makeup Challenge. Started by YouTube Guru, RissRose2, and JoseFigz, the $20 Makeup Challenge: If you lost all of your makeup, and only had $20 to spend on a full face of makeup, what would you buy?

Sunday morning, I decided to head down to CVS with $20 in hand to choose my makeup. To make the challenge even more difficult, I chose CVS over Target. Most YouTube Guru's choose Target because it carries ELF products. ELF is the most affordable makeup brand that I know of in the US. You can get a lot of ELF products for as little as $1. I decided to go against my first instinct of Target to buy my products, to see if I can really push my pennies together & still create a decent full face of makeup. 

Although I didn't go to Target, I was still able to save a lot of money at CVS. Upon arrival, I scanned my CVS Extra Care Card at the Coupon Machine, & I received a coupon for $5 off a $15 Beauty purchase. (Can you say SCORE!?) My coupon definitely saved me some money! I'll go ahead & list out all of the products that I ended up choosing, along with prices to show you how my purchase totaled up.

Maybelline New York
Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector SPF 30
Medium/Deep Sheer Tint
1.0 FL OZ
Price: $9.29

Wet N' Wild Color Icon 
Brow & Eyeliner
649 Mink Brown
Price: $0.99
(ON SALE: $0.69)

Wet N' Wild Color Icon
Eye Shadow Trio
335 Silent Treatment
Price: $2.99 

Wet N' Wild Color Icon
741A Princess
Price: $2.99

Maybelline New York Great Lash 
Waterproof Mascara
Very Black
Price: $5.49
(ON SALE: $2.74)

Wet N' Wild 
MegaLast Lip Color 
906D Wine Room
Price: $1.99

-$5 CVS Coupon

SUBTOTAL: $15.69
+CA 8.25% TAX
TOTAL: $16.98
$3.02 Remaining! ^_^

Did I pass the $20 Makeup Challenge? You be the judge! Watch the video below to see all the products in action! I explain how I use each products & give mini-reviews, while I attempt to create a full makeup look. ENJOY!

Denise Joyce