Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts: Do you believe in karma?

Hello Loves!

Today's Thoughtful Thursday question of the day is: 


Personally, I believe in good karma, bad karma, instant karma... and any other type of karma you can think of! Has a car ever sped past you, cutting you off, making you not only upset, but extremely scared at the same time?! Only to see them later on the side of the road getting a speeding ticket. Say it with me now! "KARMA!" 

There have been specific times in my life when I felt that I did something wrong or hurtful to someone, which in turn, came right around to bite me in the booty later in life. The same with doing good things for people. I found that good karma would come back to me as well, often in better ways than I could have imagined. Sometimes karma comes quickly as well. For instance, immediately after pretending to hit my sister, I'll walk into a door or hit my hand against the wall. LOL I'm sure many of you guys have experienced instant karma at some level.

I've grown to take karma into consideration whenever making decisions. I do believe in having a conscience as well, but a lot of the time, people like to ignore that little Jiminy Cricket on your shoulder. 

Well, that is how I personal feel about karma. But what do you think? Leave a response below!

Denise Joyce