Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hello my Loves! 

Some of you may know already that I've recently developed a new love for HIKING! YAY! ^________^

I've actually made an effort to hit a bunch of new trails with my friends and family, and I've compiled a list of new, local trails that I want to do in the near future. I love being out in nature and enjoying the fresh air. Working 40 hours a week sitting indoors at a desk longing to enjoy the sunshine, leaves me begging to get outside ASAP! 

I went camping this past weekend at Pinnacles National Monument, and I unfortunately got lost! >_< hahaha I had my heart set on exploring with my sister and cousin and did not realize that the trail we took did not loop around. By the time we realized that we had to double back, we had already spent 4 hours hiking further and further from our camp site. We ended up hiking for 8 hours, which ended up totaling a 20 mile hike! It was a long strenuous day that involved not only trailblazing but rock climbing and exploring dark caves by flashlight.  Before getting completely exhausted and drained, I was able to take some BEAUTIFUL pictures that I thought you all would enjoy.  

Denise Joyce