Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wellness 101: How to Re-define your "DIET"

Hello my Loves!

In today's Wellness 101, I want to share my tips on maintaining a healthy diet and choosing to eat clean. A big part of my wellness journey has been changing my diet. A healthy diet is a key factor in wellness. Even if you exercise, you can't stuff yourself with fast food and desserts. There's a big difference between looking healthy on the outside and actually being healthy on the inside.

Here's how I changed my diet for the better in 3 EASY STEPS:

STEP ONE: Think of your diet as a noun!
     - A "diet" is the foods that you eat on a daily basis (noun)
     - To "diet" is to restrict yourself to smaller portions or refrain from eating certain foods in order to
        lose weight (verb)

When you re-define how you think of the word "diet", you gain control over yourself. Your diet shouldn't be about starving yourself and focusing on all the delicious but fatty foods that you cannot have. Take control of your diet and think about what you choose to eat on a daily basis.

STEP TWO: Choose wisely!
     - Instead of eating less and focusing on what you cannot eat, CHOOSE WISELY and eat more nutritious         foods.
     - Surround yourself with healthy snacks!
     - Find new, delicious, & healthy recipes to try!

By actively choosing healthier foods, I feel proud of myself. I've had so much fun finding great tasting snacks and recipes. I look forward to heading down to Trader Joe's each week and restocking on my favorite healthy snacks: baby carrots & garlic hummus, almonds and dried cranberries, sliced apples and string cheese, snap pea chips, and berry salads(strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries).

STEP THREE: Monitor what you eat!
     - Log everything that you eat.

By logging what you eat, you can visually see what you're putting in your body. I personally use the iPhone App, Noom. Noom categorizes foods into green, yellow, and red, with green being healthy and red being unhealthy. Logging my food ensures that I always have something green on my plate. It also helps that the app congratulates me on my good choices and motivates me to keep eating healthy.

I hope that today's post was helpful and informative for many of you. Please feel free to share your own diet tips and tricks in a comment below! I'd love to keep learning new ways to continue to eat clean!

Denise Joyce