Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lash Bash Party Swag!

Hello my Loves!

As you can see, I am skipping my usual Wellness 101 today. My Benefit & ipsy sponsored Lash Bash party swag FINALLY arrived yesterday, and I am so excited to be able to share all of the Benefit goodies I got with you! Check out everything in my pictures below! ENJOY! ^________^ 

All the Benefit goodies right out of the box!

Clockwise from Bottom: 
They're Real! makeup bag, #realsies Instagram frame, Hostess letter, Benefit's Glam Guide Spring 2013, & Post-party coupons!

Finished swag bags for each of my guests!

Left to Right: 
They're Real! mascara, Hervana face powder, Gimme brow in light/medium & medium/deep

Peek-A-Bright Eyes Kit

Creaseless Cream Shadows in bikini-tini & bronze have more fun

Left to Right: Deluxe samples of sugarbomb ultra plush lip gloss, they're real! mascara, & benetint cheek and lip stain

(The remaining products I purchased with my own money from ULTA & Sephora as prizes for the winners of the games we will play during the Lash Bash Saturday!)

Cabana Glama from ULTA

Go Tropi Coral from Sephora

Benefit samples from ULTA & Sephora

I can't wait for the party Saturday! Now that I have my Lash Bash party swag, the party has really come together. I will be uploading pictures during my Lash Bash via Twitter and Instagram on Saturday! Be on the look out, so you can join in on all the fun! 

Denise Joyce