Monday, September 23, 2013

MAKEUP MONDAY: My Benefit & ipsy Lash Bash Beauty Brunch!

Hello my Loves!

Yesterday was my Benefit & ipsy sponsored Lash Bash Beauty Brunch! It was a great success, and I am so eager to share all the fun I had with my friends! Check out the pictures below to see all the food, fun & Benefit makeup! <3

Brunch Menu & Customized Water Bottles!

Macarons, Croissants, & Madeleines!

Cutlery & Benefit Napkins!

Mimosa Bar! (Served in Mason Jars)

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs!

Closer look at the Cutlery!

Food Spread!

Yogurt Parfait Bar Instructions!

Self-Serve Yogurt Parfait Bar!

Two Fakes & a Real WINNER of Benefit's Cabana Glama!
"I've been naked in public in Canada!"

Benefit Cosmetics!

Benefit's Spring 2013 Glam Guide, Coffee Filter Flower centerpiece,  Beauty Product Samples, & Lash Bash Swag! 

Benefit Makeover Time!

More makeovers!

Check out some of the completed Eye Looks! <3

DIY Lash Bash Decor!
My Lash Bash decor was inspired by two of my favorite Benefit products: the POREfessional & CORALista!

DIY Tissue Balls!

DIY Coffee Filter Flower Centerpiece!

More Tissue Balls!

Another Coffee Filter Centerpiece!


I hope you all enjoyed the pictures! Thank you so much to Benefit Cosmetics & ipsy for choosing me to be a Lash Bash Hostess! It was an AMAZING opportunity, and I feel truly BLESSED to be able to share my love for Benefit Cosmetics & ipsy with my closest friends!

Denise Joyce