Monday, October 7, 2013

MAKEUP MONDAY: Crème de Couture Collection

Hello my Loves!

In today's Makeup Monday, I want to talk about one of my most lusted after makeup collections from Sigma Beauty, the Crème de Couture Collection. 

All of the colors in Crème de Couture are inspired by the decadent delights of french macarons; with shades ranging from soft to deep, light and buttery to bold and rich. The matte finishes emulate the soft opaque tops and textures from each confection. This charming, yet modern collection was made to add subtlety to saturated colors.
Crème de Couture Eye Shadow Palette $32
Individual Blush Shades $12 each
Crème de Couture Collection $55 ($68 value)

So what do you guys think?! The colors of the collection are so beautiful! Plus, they are inspired by one of my favorite french treats! I want to pick up this collection so badly, so I'm slowly setting aside money every paycheck. Hopefully, I can finally pick it up soon! You can get the entire Crème de Couture Collection and get 10% OFF your entire order using the code "FALL2013". HAPPY SHOPPING! <3 

Denise Joyce