Monday, December 15, 2014

Achieve Beautiful Curls this Holiday Season with the KISS InstaWave

With holiday parties lined up throughout this month, I've been looking for a way to cut my party prep time in half. With a huge thank you to BrandBacker and KISS USA, I want to share with you my newest beloved hair tool, my KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler!   

At first glance, the KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler does look a bit intimidating. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant to use it at first, fearful of my hair getting caught in the rotating device. Rest assured, the InstaWave is indeed a fully tangle-free curler that instantly creates beautiful curls!

It's super easy to use from any angle with either hand. The curl dial has both left and right curl directions. I personally prefer to curl my hair away from my face on either side, when trying to create a more polished look. For a more natural look, you can also alternate the direction of the curls you make with each new strand of hair.

Holding the wand vertically. the innovative looking dial spins, wrapping your hair around the wand with very little effort. I keep my hair wrapped around the wand for anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds. The longer I wait, the tighter the look of my curls and less natural and beachy looking.

If you're still hesitant about using this intimidating looking hair tool, know that it has 2 heat settings low and high. If you have hair like mine that holds curl very easily, you'll definitely be able to use it at the low setting. On high, the maximum temperature it reaches is 420 degrees. Regardless of the heat setting you use, I'd recommend using a heat protection spray. (My personal favorite is TRESemme's Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave-In Spray. It provides protection up to 450 degrees!) Also, as a great safety precaution, for those of you who may be forgetful with your heat tools, the InstaWave automatically shuts off after 90 minutes. 

Let me know if you plan on picking up your own KISS InstaWave for yourself or as a gift for the Holidays! :)

Special thanks to BrandBacker and KISS USA for sponsoring this post. 

Denise Joyce