Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My 28th Birthday Celebration: Mean Girls Party!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that for my 28th birthday on January, 2nd, I threw an awesome Mean Girls party to celebrate with my friends. I created my own Burn Book, prepared a Mean Girls inspired menu, played Mean Girls trivia with movie inspired prizes, and made each one of my guests a customized mug with their favorite quote to take home. Keep reading if you'd like some inspiration on how to throw your own Mean Girls Party! :)

Burn Book
No Mean Girls party would be complete without a Burn Book to comment on all of your friends. I started with a Pretty Pink Smash Folio that I purchased from my local Target in the scrap booking section. I then added some awesome Mean Girls stickers with my favorite movie quotes from RedBubble

As my friends arrived, I took their picture with my Polaroid 300 Instant Camera, quickly developed their photos, and added them to the book. If you're wondering at all, my Smash folio came with a dual ended pen and glue stick. ;) Once all the ladies were added, we passed the book around with my Smash pen and other sharpies for the girls to add comments. You can see my page pictured above!

Mean Girls Inspired Menu
As you can see above, I displayed the Mean Girls inspired dinner menu in a simple frame for an instantly chic look. I bought a few of these frames years ago from Target, specifically to use them when hosting parties. 

For the actual menu, I took my favorite food related quotes from the movie and created a "PUN"ny selection of dishes for my friends to enjoy, including:
Enough "Cheese & Crackers" for 8 People
We Should Totally Just Stab "Caesar Salad"
Amber Delessio Made Out with a "Hot Dogs"
Whatever. I'm Getting "Cheese Fries"
Do You Wanna Go To "Taco Bell"?

Taking more inspiration from the movie, I decided to bake "Cupcakes Filled With Rainbows & Smiles" for us to eat and be happy! :D As you can see pictured below, instead of having a typical birthday cake, I displayed the cupcakes on a tiered cupcake stand I borrowed from my mom. 

To make a rainbow effect for the cupcakes, I used a single box of Duff Goldman's Tie-Dye Premium Cake Mix. I separated the white cake batter into 6 bowls then dyed each bowl a different color, according to the directions on the box. I spooned the different colors into each cupcake liner, making sure to not stir the colors together. I was a little skeptical of my baking abilities, but they turned out AMAZING!

Last but definitely not least, I set up a You Go Glenn "Cocoa & Coffee" Bar. I gave my friends the option of customizing their own cup of cocoa or coffee, adding alcohol being completely optional of course! ;)

I separated and displayed the various cocoa and coffee toppings in standard and blue mason jars. There were some great goodies to choose from, including: Candy Cane Hershey's Kisses, Fair Trade Chocolate, Peppermints, Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Pirouettes, & Candy Canes.

As I mentioned earlier, I made custom mugs for each attendee with a single "candy cane gram" to thank them for being such a great friend. Each mug had their favorite movie quote and first initial in pink! I simply wrote on the mugs with oil-based Sharpie paint pens, then popped them into the oven to bake for 30 minutes. They turned out adorable, and the ladies loved having these to use for their drinks and take home! :) 

Mean Girls Trivia
After the Girls were full and were settled with their cocoa and coffee, we finally watched Mean Girls. Following the movie, I had the girls separate into teams of 2 or 3 to answer some fairly difficult movie trivia. As I'm a huge fan of the movie, I wanted to be sure there was a clear winning team. Here's a link to some example questions. The winning team had the choice between two different prizes by answering the following question: "Do you wear pink on Wednesdays or are moderately priced soaps your calling?" Depending on the response, they either won a Victoria's Secret PINK gift card or a Bath & Body Works gift card. 

The party was an overall success, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend my 28th Birthday! Hope my party ideas inspire you to throw your own Mean Girls Party, whether it's your birthday, a friend's birthday, or just October 3rd. Let me know in the comments below if you do decide to throw your own small get together! I'd love to know how it goes! In the words of the infamous Regina George, "Love ya!" xx 

Denise Joyce