Tuesday, September 13, 2016

For every negative there is a positive

So I have a confession to make...

Up until now, I've portrayed myself as positively as I can. But the truth is that I've always been prone to pessimistic thoughts. I've been told that it's a symptom of superior intellect. I overthink things and balance out every possible pro and con before making a final decision. I know that it's not necessarily a bad thing, but it makes certain aspects of my career and building interpersonal relationships difficult. I also find myself teetering at the edge before making necessary leaps.

Growing up, success came very easily to me, and I've always thrived when I had others around me cheering me on. As a young adult, that wasn't always the case. There are people who will enter your life with their own agenda, and I unfortunately found out the hard way that the more you look outward for approval and validation from others, the more unhappy and lonely you become. Through failure, rejection, and toxic relationships, I've grown to love myself and build myself up more than anyone else possibly could. 

Before heading out to conquer the world each day, I look at myself in the mirror while I'm getting ready, and I tell myself the following self-affirmations:

I am brilliant, bright, and beautiful.

Brilliant and bright have several connotative and denotative meanings. All of which I'm proud to be. I am radiant. I am clever. I shine in the spotlight. To me, true beauty encompasses your mind, and this is why chose to use these words together. 

I forgive those who have harmed me in the past and peacefully detach myself from them. 

(I was scared to include this self-affirmation because I know you still read everything I've ever written and watch every video I upload. Because of you and what our relationship and subsequent friendship has taught me, I've become a better and stronger person. I wish you only the best. I forgive you for hurting me.)

In the past, I've held onto the pain and frustration caused by others for far too long. It's weird how you want to hold onto the shattered remains of what once made you happy, because it's all you have left. Rejection and heartbreak will change you. It takes a huge toll on your ego, but once you come to terms with the truth and redirect yourself back on the right path, you gain clarity. 

You have no control over the actions of others, but you do have control over how you react and how you take an unfortunate situation and learn from it. I actively remind myself to forgive those who have hurt me. I don't want to let the decisions of others affect my happiness. If they don't appreciate my presence, it's in my best interest to let go.

I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful.

Building a successful career has always been important to me. I know that I have to work my way to the top, and I know my journey will be unique. When I'm in boss mode at the office, I channel my talents and confidence to make my presence known and lean in. 

Creative energy surges through me for new and brilliant ideas.

I need to stay creative at work as well as when I'm creating new content here on my blog and on my YouTube channel. Sometimes I feel like I've completely depleted my creative juices, so I like to remind myself to stay inspired. 

I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.

This one is self-explanatory. :) 

I acknowledge my own self-worth. My confidence is soaring.

How I perceive myself is more important than how others do. I'm not afraid to walk away from people who don't appreciate my presence. I'm good enough exactly as I am, and I don't need to prove that to anyone. 

Happiness is a choice. I base my happiness on my own accomplishments and the blessings I've been given.

Some days are harder to be happy than others, and that's expected. When I force myself to think about how far I've come on my journey and how my life is filled with amazing people and experiences, it's easy to choose to be happy every day. 

My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless. My potential to succeed is infinite. 

There's always going to be bumps along the road, but I know I can handle them all. Whatever life throws my way, I'm ready and I'm willing to take it on. 

If you've never used self-affirmations before, I recommend you start immediately, especially if you're lacking in self-love. It seemed weird for me at first, but I find that the more I recognize the greatness within myself, the more I'm able to love myself and openly share love and kindness to those around me. When I'm having a bad morning or if I'm running late, this morning ritual is invaluable. You don't have to feel unhappy and alone. You can choose to be happy. We're all worthy of love and happiness, and I refuse to let anyone feel the way I once did. I only hope that the love I have for myself inspires others to love themselves as well. 


P.S. Happy Positive Thinking Day!