Sunday, July 30, 2017

Take a Summer Cake Break

Sometimes, we forget to put ourselves first. It's easy to get lost in your day to day routine. With a 9 to 5 that requires me to invest in the development and goals of others, being successful comes at the expense of my own self-care. Yes, I do my best to get plenty of rest, eat well, and workout regularly, but honestly, self-care requires more than that.

Self-care as a child was more simple. In the Summer, once school was out, you just did what would make you happy, whether it was going outside to play with your friends or buying a Popsicle from the Ice Cream Man.

Today, I decided to take a Summer Cake Break. It's been so hot in the Bay Area lately, and I've been stressed from a combination of work and preparing to move. I decided to treat myself to an ice cream cake.

Growing up, I always asked my parents for an ice cream cake for my birthday, so ice cream cakes bring back so many happy memories. I went to Safeway and picked up an Oreo Ice Cream Cake to enjoy after dinner, while wearing a face mask with a glass of wine.

Don't forget to take your equivalent of a "Summer Cake Break" every once in a while, because you deserve it. Take care of yourself before taking care of others!


Special thanks to I Love Ice Cream Cakes for sponsoring this post.