Friday, September 22, 2017

How-To: NamaSLAY

It's no secret that my day hasn't begun until I've completed my morning Sun Salutation, aka Surya Namaskar. Even though yoga is one of my favorite ways to get my body moving nowadays, it wasn't always. I used to be the one at the back of every yoga class giggling to myself about my lack of flexibility and balance, eventually falling asleep during savasana. lol

Over time, I've learned a few key ways to keep myself mindful and fully engaged in my workout. If you have trouble enjoying yoga and want to start a more engaged and meaningful practice so you can enjoy in all of its benefits, let me help! 

It can be a little daunting trying to figure out which type of yoga is best for you. But don't forget that should be part of the fun, so you should enjoy the process of exploring and maybe bring a friend or two along with you. In fact, my most my memorable yoga event last year was attending Soul Pose with my besties. Stop over-thinking, get out of your own head, and decide that yoga is something you can enjoy!

Once I was in my new yogi mindset, I knew that I had to get the right gear. I scoured the internet for reviews to ensure that I'd get the most bang for my buck, and you should too! From new yoga outfits to look scorching at your next Bikram yoga class to finding the Best Yoga Mat, take your time and find accessories that set your yogi soul on fire!

Slowly but surely I saw and felt gradual changes in my body. It was amazing seeing myself doing things that I originally thought that my body was incapable of. Every day, whether it's my morning sun salutation or a Vinyasa class with my co-workers, I clear my mind and set my intentions for the day or even just the workout. Know that this time is for you and the more you focus and be mindful in this moment, the more benefits you'll reap later on. 

I hope my yogi tips help you NamaSLAY your next yoga sesh! :)